About Me

Ray McNally

CEO/Founder - Web Designer - WordPress and SEO Expert

Ray has been providing web based services such as search engine optimization, graphic design, website design and WordPress customization, for over 18+ years now. Starting out in the Internet marketing niche, Ray needed to have all of these things done, but didn’t have the money to pay someone. After time he started learning about all of these things himself and eventually became the go to guy for almost all of the top marketers and Internet business owners.

Ray continued to develop his skills and started branching out into speaking, coaching and consulting services.

  • Ray has worked with some of the biggest and more successful in many different niche markets.
  • As his experience and success grew, Ray started speaking from the stage for ever growing crowds.
  • Ray has spent the last 10 or so years in the trenches, quietly learning, experimenting and testing everything he could..

In time, Ray started to focus mainly on providing services as life on the road speaking and time consulting started taking up to much time from his family.

Now Ray runs DoneRightOutsourcing and spends his time away from the computer with family as well as learning about and practicing bushcraft, survival and emergency preparedness because the outdoors and the simple ways of life are a passion Ray has never been able to forget.